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Cavity Wall Insulation that has been installed incorrectly or in unsuitable homes, can cause serious problems. Cavity Wall Insulation salespeople are often unqualified and unable to identify potential or existing defects that can lead to disaster in years to come. Cavity Wall Extraction have a dedicated team of extraction specialists that solve any issues that you may have relating to Cavity Wall Insulation.

Cavity Wall Compliance are specialists in Cavity Wall Extraction and cover the whole of the Fylde Coast. We have a fully qualified team of extraction specialists using the latest extraction technologies enabling us to return your property to its original condition prior to having cavity wall insulation installed.

Over 90% of the extractions our teams perform are as a result of cavity wall insulation being installed incorrectly. This being either because the installers did not follow the correct procedures at the time of installation or simply because the property should never have had insulation installed in the first place..

Unfortunately as with Double Glazing and Loft Insulation, the Government created a number of schemes whereby cavity wall insulation was made available under various grants, and this opened the doors for a lot of Cavity Wall Insulation companies to spring up overnight.

Many of these companies were there just to cash in on the situation resulting in some disasterous cases of badly installed insulation jobs.

Signs of damp that may becaused by cavity wall insulation - bubbling paintwork, damp patches

Bubbling Blistering Paintwork

Cold spots caused by faulty cavity wall insulation are often found to be the cause for bubbling and blistering paintwork.

Signs of damp that may becaused by cavity wall insulation - condensation can be a sign of dampness in a room or throughout youyr home. Moisture in the air within your property


Condensation can cause black mould on walls, furniture, clothes and curtains. The damp left by condensation will also damage plasterwork and timber windows.


We often encounter serious cases of mildew growth whilst conducting surverys. The most common health problems caused by mildew are related to respiratory issues.

Damp Musty Odours

Damp, stale or musty smells are often caused by mould spores or damp conditions. (Any home that is suffering from damp problems is usually affected by mould or mildew.)

Damp Insulation Materials

Damp insulation materials are a direct cause of damp in your home, cavity wall extraction can resolve these damp issues.

Leaking Insulation Material

We often encounter situations where insulation material has leaked due to correct installation methods not being adhered to.

Damp Fungal Growth

Badly installed cavity wall insulation can cause serious damp issues, leading to fungal growth. Cavity wall extraction can solve these problems.

Peeling Wallpaper

Another unwanted problem with damp is the occurance of peeling wallpaper. In a lot of cases cavity wall insulation was the root cause of this problem.

The Cavity Wall Extraction Process

With our knowledge gained from 21 years of the cavity wall insulation industry we have identified the faults that can occur in installations (some now only becoming apparent by increased instances of heavy wet weather in our UK climate) The process of removing cavity wall insulation is reasonably straight forward providing everything is done correctly.

There are many reasons why a property may require cavity wall extraction.

  • The wrong type of cavity wall insulation being installed in the first place.
  • Badly installed insulation that has created structural and internal cosmetic problems.
  • Insulation being installed in a property where it was not needed.

We have encountered a huge number of jobs where property owners are having problems with their homes as a direct result of one if not all of the examples above.

We have a fully qualified team of assessors that will visit your property / home to address any concerns that you may have regarding your cavity wall insulation. They will be able to advise you on the cause of any problem and how to resolve it.

More information about Cavity Wall Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction.

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