Condensation Control

Condensation Control can help reduce or cure condensation in your home.Condensation control is an effective approach that addresses various cuases of condensation in your home. A common cause of condensation is when moisture is present within the air of a building that has poor ventilation. The moisture in the atmosphere condenses when it touches cooler surfaces such as windows, walls or ceilings. This condensation will result in the development of mould growth.

Modern home improvements such as cavity wall insulation, double glazing and draft excluding etc can reduce ventilation and lead to condensation and mould problems.

We provide a number of solutions to combat condensation caused by poor ventilation. These solutions include restoring the natural ventilation in your property and introducing additional ventilation systems which remove moisture and improve airflow.

We can provide a condensation control plan with options for the most appropriate and effective solutions and remedies to ensure damp caused by condensation is controlled, treated and cured once and for all.

Causes of condensation

Air can only hold a certain percentage of moisture  or water vapour – the warmer the air the more moisture it will contain.

If this air is then cooled by contact with any cold surfaces such as glass, metal or cold walls, the air temperature drops and the water vapour condenses in to water droplets – condensation.

Drying clothes, cooking, washing, bathing and just breathing all produce higher levels of moisture into the air.

Common signs of condensation

Condensation is usually more likely to appear during colder weather periods Autumn/Winter. The colder the weather the greater the level of condensation will become.

Most properties will suffer from some condensation dampness over time. However it becomes an issue if it is persistent and leads to other tell-tale signs such as:

  • Damp walls with blistering paint
  • Damaged and peeling wallpaper
  • ‘Musty’, damp odour
  • Black mould growth – along the edges of windows, skirting boards and wall/floor/ceiling junctions

If the dampness leaves a ‘tidemark’ on the surface there may be another cause such as water entering through rising damp or penetrating damp, faulty plumbing or loose roof tiles.

Controlling and treating condensation

We offer convenient and cost effective solutions for condensation dampness:

  • FREE SURVEYS to diagnose specific causes of the condensation.
  • Tailored solutions to control the condensation using additonal ventilation or solutions to reinstate the building natural ventilation.

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