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Lancashire Damp Proofing & Remedial services provide a range of damp proofing, waterproofing and remedial solutions to homeowners and businesses in the Fleetwood area. If you are a Fleetwood resident and your home is affected by damp just contact us for a FREE no-obligation survey. We’re based a few miles from Fleetwood on Poulton-Le-Fylde and our experienced Damp Proofing Surveyors frequently visit the central Fleetwood, Larkholme and Rossall areas.

There are many causes of damp which are a result of excess moisture within a property. Being a coastal town, homes and properties in Fleetwood are also exposed to very wet and windy conditions, driving rain in to the building cavities. Common causes such as rising damp, internal condensation or water penetration from outside. Damp can also be caused by damage to leaking pipes, gutters and roofs. If dampness is left untreated, your property is likely to develop more serious problems such as wet or dry rot which can be expensive to fix.


Damp Proofing

Condensation Control

Mould Control

Ventilation Systems

Rising Damp Treatment

Dry Rot Treatment

Cavity Wall Extraction

Membranes & Barriers

Water Proofing & Tanking

Basement/Cellar Conversions

Wall Tie Failure

Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity Wall Surveys

Free damp inspections & surveys by Lancashire Damp Proofing

01.Damp Surveys

Our FREE surveys are vital when diagnosing the cause and affect of damp and a quote can only be given after a survey has been completed.

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Free damp inspections & surveys by Lancashire Damp Proofing

02.Identify Causes of Damp

Rising damp, condensation or penetrating damp? We’ll identify the exact causes and advise on the best solution.

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Damp treatments by Lancashire Damp Proofing

03.Treat & Cure Damp

Failing to address damp problems will always lead to more severe issues in the long term. We’ll treat and cure any damp problem.

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Ventilation & Condensation Control by Lancashire Damp Proofing

04.Ongoing Control of Damp

Improve your home environment. Control condensation and humidity in your home using energy efficient & sustainable ventilation products.

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Replacement Wall Ties


Failure of wall ties has become a significant problem in recent years. The main cause of failures is rusting of metal ties, although there can be other causes, such as failure to properly bed the tie in the mortar joint, poor quality mortar reducing the bond between tie and mortar, or not installing the requisite number of ties.

The obvious danger with rusting wall ties is the possible collapse of the outer leaf of the cavity wall.

The rust will have a significantly greater volume than the original metal. This expansion of the tie may cause cracking and distortion of the structure, particularly where strip ties have been used.


Basement and Cellar Conversion

Converting and extending an existing basement or cellar can provide valuable extra living space without drastically altering the exterior structure of your home.

A basement conversion could also include its own external entrance and provide a self-contained living space, ideal for use as a home office, annexe, or rented accommodation.

Converting a damp cellar or basement can be a surprisingly inexpensive way of increasing living space and can substantially increase the value of a property and can be converted into kitchens, bathrooms, wine cellars, living rooms, studies etc.


Basement and Cellar Conversion
At Lancashire Damp Proofing we only use the very best damp proofing products.